Amazon Sexual Position

amazon sexual position

Introduction to the Amazon Sex Position

The Amazon sex position, known for its intimacy and versatility, offers couples a unique way to explore their desires and enhance their sexual experiences. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the Amazon position, exploring what each partner contributes and how to make the most of this intimate encounter.

What the Woman Does in the Amazon Position

In the Amazon position, the woman takes on an empowered role, straddling her partner while maintaining control of the rhythm and depth of penetration. This position allows her to dictate the pace and angle of penetration, offering a sense of empowerment and agency in the bedroom. Additionally, the woman can stimulate her clitoris during intercourse, enhancing her pleasure and likelihood of reaching orgasm.

What the Man Does in the Amazon Position

While the woman dominates the Amazon position, the man plays a supportive role, providing stability and support for his partner. He can use his hands to caress her body, stimulate her erogenous zones, and maintain eye contact, fostering intimacy and connection. By relinquishing control and allowing his partner to take the lead, the man can experience heightened arousal and pleasure.

Different Varieties of the Amazon Position

Kneeling Amazon

In the kneeling Amazon variation, both partners kneel facing each other, allowing for deeper penetration and increased intimacy. This variation is ideal for couples seeking a more intense and intimate experience, as it enables close physical contact and eye contact throughout intercourse.

Reverse Amazon

The reverse Amazon position involves the woman facing away from her partner, straddling him in a reverse cowgirl position. This variation offers a unique angle of penetration and allows for deeper thrusting, potentially enhancing both partners’ pleasure.

Things to Consider When Taking on the Amazon Role

Before attempting the Amazon position, couples need to communicate openly about their desires, boundaries, and expectations. Additionally, both partners should prioritize comfort and safety, using pillows or cushions for support and experimenting with different angles and positions to find what works best for them.

Similar Sexual Positions


Similar to the Amazon position, the brute position involves the woman taking charge, straddling her partner while maintaining control of the rhythm and depth of penetration. This position emphasizes female empowerment and offers couples an opportunity to explore their desires and fantasies.


Asian Cowgirl

The Asian cowgirl position, also known as the cowgirl position, involves the woman straddling her partner in a traditional cowgirl position. This position allows for deep penetration and provides the woman with control over the pace and angle of intercourse, facilitating clitoral stimulation and enhancing her pleasure.

Asian Cowgirl

Chair Riding

Chair riding, a variation of the Amazon position, involves the woman straddling her partner while seated in a chair. This position offers stability and support for both partners and allows for deeper penetration and increased intimacy.

Chair Riding


The jellyfish position, characterized by its fluid and flexible movements, offers couples a playful and intimate way to connect. In this position, the woman lies on her back with her legs raised and bent, allowing her partner to penetrate deeply while maintaining eye contact and physical contact.


Sean’s Opinions Regarding the Amazon Sexual Position

As someone who has explored various sexual positions and techniques, Sean shares his insights and opinions regarding the Amazon position. He emphasizes the importance of communication, trust, and experimentation in the bedroom, encouraging couples to embrace their desires and fantasies without judgment or inhibition.

Achieving Orgasm with the Amazon Position

With its focus on female pleasure and empowerment, the Amazon position offers couples a unique opportunity to achieve mutual orgasm and satisfaction. By prioritizing clitoral stimulation, communication, and experimentation, couples can enhance their sexual experiences and deepen their connection with each other.


In conclusion, the Amazon sex position provides couples with an intimate and empowering way to explore their desires and enhance their sexual experiences. By prioritizing communication, comfort, and experimentation, couples can unlock new levels of pleasure and intimacy in the bedroom.


  1. Is the Amazon position suitable for all couples?
    • While the Amazon position can be enjoyed by many couples, it’s essential to communicate openly and ensure both partners are comfortable and consenting.

  2. How can couples enhance their experience in the Amazon position?
    • Couples can enhance their experience by experimenting with different angles, variations, and techniques, prioritizing communication and mutual pleasure.

  3. Are there any risks associated with the Amazon position?
    • Like any sexual activity, there are potential risks associated with the Amazon position, including discomfort or injury if not performed safely. Couples should communicate openly and prioritize safety and comfort.

  4. Can the Amazon position help couples achieve simultaneous orgasms?
    • While achieving simultaneous orgasm is possible in the Amazon position, it’s not guaranteed. Couples should focus on communication, experimentation, and mutual pleasure to enhance their chances of simultaneous climax.

  5. What if one partner is uncomfortable with the Amazon position?
    • If one partner is uncomfortable with the Amazon position, it’s essential to respect their boundaries and explore other sexual activities that both partners enjoy and feel comfortable with.



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